Blood Donation

Blood Donation

Awareness Creation

Blood Awareness programs are regularly organized by Mother Teresa Children Foundation (MTCF) and the St.Gregorios Dayabhavan in Tumkur district at various places. Each year, we reach about 100000 people by imparting knowledge and significance of blood donation.

Blood Donation Camp

In this mission, we organize blood donation campaigns in various colleges, companies and NGOs. Nearly, 400 to 500 units of blood are collected each year and the collected blood is handed over to blood banks at Tumkur, for use among poor and under privileged patients and also, for needy patients of Dayabhavan Hospital.

Blood Transfusion

In conjunction with the above, the Medical Mission Hospital arranges blood transfusion for the needy and poor people free of cost. In this project, nearly 100 patients are benefited each year.