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The Home of Compassion is a foster care for holistic development and well-being of innocent children of HIV/AIDS infected parents.

It is Dayabhavan’s first and foremost activity of rehabilitation. In tune with the National AIDS Control Programme (NACP) which has the overall goal of halting and reversing the epidemic in India, the Home of Compassion focuses on the ‘Fourth ‘P’ as a strategic element namely, ‘Providing appropriate protection, care and support to children affected by HIV and their families’.

Quite appropriately, the Rehabilitation Program of Dayabhavan serves by adopting these children and ensures that all inmates have the same comprehensive set of basic health, education and social protection services, regardless of their HIV status or, that of any members of their family.

Today, it has grown to the status of a happy and caring home to 67 children of various ages and supports all aspects of their growth, in the development of physical capabilities, moral values and healthy minds. They are indeed turning to be bright prospects in this society.

All children receive primary and secondary education and many pursue professional programs such as, engineering, pharmaceutical, social welfare, dentistry and nursing degree courses. Dayabhavan has invested in these young minds that they are the futures of tomorrow


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