Rehabilitation Programmes

Comprehensive care, moral and educational support are the main focus of this mission. Dayabhavan is home to 67 children –who are affected and infected from HIV/AIDS – and are under foster care; it provides them with medical treatment, formative, vocational and professional education. Through such holistic development, it is hoped that the social stigma and discrimination in society are alleviated to a great extent, and that it would enable them to lead a normal and happy life. The inmates and day-students – more than 300 in all – are sponsored in various professional (engineering, pharmaceutical, social welfare, nursing& dentistry) and science/art degree courses. The younger children are in primary/secondary level classes. Books and study material, school/tuition/course fees, dress material and transportation are provided to all.


Home of Compassion
Childrens Home


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Extension of Compassion
Extension of Compassion